Friday, March 12, 2010

New National Park Planned

It looks like plans are afoot to establish a new city park in the south of the city. It will be located between the train tracks and the Tuul River. Nothing has ever been built on this land because under the ground is the ground water that is used for the city drinking water. I saw some pictures of this future park. Bike paths, water fountains, gardens etc. Looks great if they can ever pull it off.

Note that the city is taking donations for this park. You can drop some togrogs in the box, which is located in the State Department Store, next to the money changer on the ground floor.

Children's Park Re-Opening Delayed

I went to Bodi group this week and asked about the status of the Children’s Park. One of the planners there said it won’t be ready this summer but are planning to open some time in the fall. Sounds like October at the earliest. They are building an indoor entertainment complex and food court, which is expected to be open next winter.

I did go past the Children’s Park a couple of times. Even though its all fenced off you can see that some progress has been made. A large Ferris wheel looms over the park and you can see the roofs of some buildings.

Looking at the sample plans they have in their office, it’s clear that the park will not occupy the entire dimensions of the old park. It looks like its maybe only 40% of the old park, occupying the south east quadrant of the park.

Meanwhile, progress also continues on the Shangri-La hotel, which is being built on the north east corner of the old park. An enormous mound of dirt looms over the fence.