Monday, July 26, 2010

A Plan for Pay Parking Lots in Ulaanbaatar

A plan is in the works for create pay parking lots in Ulaanbaatar. About a dozen lots around the city have been tapped for the plan. About 75% of the spaces are for short term parking and 25 percent for long term overnight parking. Hopefully the money raised by the parking lots will be used to fill in the potholes in other parts of the city! Exactly when these parking lots will be built remains an open question.

The location of the lots include:

*240 spaces at the southern end of Sukhbaatar Square
*71 spaces in front of the Drama Theater
*165 spaces next to the New Children’s Palace (across from Bayangol Hotel)
*216 spaces at the In front of the Ulaanbaatar Hotel
*120 spaces at Builders Square
*159 spaces in front of Yalalt Kino
*118 spaces at Dalai Eej
*96 spaces in front of the Sports Palace
*54 spaces at Zamiin Tsagdaa
*103 spaces at the Train Station

Attached are drawings of what the parking lots would look like…

Drama Theater Parking
Drama Theater

New Children's Palace Parking
Sarnii Titem (New Childrens Palace)

Sukhbaatar Square Parking

Sukhbaatar Square (south end)

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