Sunday, August 15, 2010


If you have been walking around UB over the past week or two you may have noticed the flurry of landscaping happening on some of the downtown sidewalks. Actually the improvements are not really on the sidewalks but on the grassy areas that separate the sidewalks from the street. I have seen workers clearing out these areas and planting grass.

Most of the work has been happening in Juulchin Gudamj – the road that runs from Urt Tsagaan to the Government House. Probably the best job has been along the stretch of road in front of the Mongolian KGB office. I think the main reason this works is because it’s just a narrow sidewalk and strip of grass. Nothing fancy, nothing grandiose, but it works well. As you walk past the National Museum and turn left towards, the sidewalk improvement continues right up to the next intersection.

This week the landscapers have started to clear about the overgrowth along Peace Ave, on the southern side of the road, between the Russian Embassy and Center Point. A good thing since Peace Ave hasn’t seen a rake or shovel since Brezhnev was in office. Expect to see a nicer Peace Ave in the coming weeks.

Some pix of the recent progress…


  1. Hi, sorry for commenting about this here, but do you happen to know what they are doing on the only untouched strip of land between the railway crossing and the Dunjingarav Khotkhon? They are digging and doing some works near the river. They kind of changed the course of what's left of the river and I am afraid the bushes are dissapearing too.

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  3. Hi Jngl, Sorry, I have not seen the development you are talking about. If I hear of anything on this front I'll post again.