Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Developments Planned

In a previous post I mentioned that I had visited the planning department at City Hall. While I was there I took pictures of their Master Planning Map. I took a closer look at the map and found some things on it that are worth noting.

The first thing is that the construction happening across the road from the Dunjin Garal apartments is not a going to be a park, as many people had thought. Its going to be more apartments! On the map the development is called “Olympiin Hoton”. So anyone who bought an apartment in Dunjiin Garal and thought that they would get a front view of the new National Park is instead going to be looking at more apartments. Construction of Olympiin Hoton has already started.

However, the good news is that on the other side of Olympiin Hoton there are plans to build a massive open parkland that will stretch all the way to the Tuul River. Let’s all hope that the plan to build this National Park will one day become a reality.

The big map also indicates the following projects:

*A north-south road from the US embassy all the way down to Narny Gudanj. Part of this has already been built but they would still need to construct the section from Orchlon School down to Peace Ave.

*A complete Big Ring Road, with a section going from the old tank location east to Olympic Street, then looping north to connect with the Big Ring Road.

*A redeveloped area around Gandan Monastery

*A redeveloped area north of the Big Ring Road, which practically looks like a whole new downtown area. If this is indeed a new commercial area it would take a lot of pressure off Peace Ave.

*A redeveloped area north of the 3/4 micro-discrict.

*A new parkland and recreation area on the north bank of the Tuul River, across from Zaisan Tolgoi.

Of these, only the Big Ring Road project is currently being developed.

The following two photos show the design plans for the city. Notice in the first pic that the lower right corner has a large patch of green, that is intended to be the future National Park.

The second picture shows the plans for the area around the Naadam Stadium. What is most interesting in the recreation area along the north bank of the Tuul River, opposite Zaisan.

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