Monday, October 4, 2010

Chinggis Khaan Ave Upgrade

Chinggis Khaan Road newly sealed

Chinggis Khaan Ave looking south.
Chinggis Khaan Ave north of the Peace Bridge has been resurfaced and slightly widened. It opened up today, improving the traffic, which was horrendous on Monday. The point where the avenue meets Jamyn Gunii Gudamm was widened a little, which will help traffic flow. The project follows the resurfacing of Sambuugiin Gudamj. Both streets now flow a little better and rides are certainly much smoother.

While its great that some of the streets have been resurfaced it would be nice to see an extra parallel parking lane added to these streets. One reason why traffic often gets blocked up is because cars do not have a lane to pull over to, when picking up or dropping off passengers. The lack of an extra parking lane or road apron means that whenever a car stops it clogs up traffic. Just a thought.

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