Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Price Hikes at Children’s Park - Is There Any Free Public Space Left?

The Children’s Park is no longer free. Entry is Tg1000 per adult. Small kids still get in free. Prices for rides have also increased, now about Tg4000 per ride. Compared to other amusement parks in other countries, the prices are comparable. It is a private business running the park so it’s not surprising that they would try to increase prices to recoup their investment and try to make a profit. However, this is a worrying trend. As it stands now there is not a single park in central UB that is free and open to the public. This diminishes the quality of life for UB residents, especially low income families that cannot afford to visit the Children’s Park.

Although it does not seem like it, there are a few places around UB that the city could be turned into free, public open space. Along the Selbe River there are several open lots that could be turned into parks, for example behind Royal Castle apartments or next to the US embassy.

And lets not forget that around 70% of the old Children’s Park is still undeveloped. This space could easily be landscaped and opened for public use. I imagine this area could have playing fields for football, walking paths, gardens etc. I am pretty sure that private companies have rights to all these spaces but the government could (and should) use its powers reclaim this land and hand it over to the public to use as park space.


  1. Do you know what the current hours are?

  2. They seem to be open 10 am to 9 pm.