Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More Traffic Woes - and solutions?

Traffic this week has been horrific. It must be a perfect storm of pre-Naadam work rush and road construction. The rain yesterday did not help but the traffic was just as bad today even without rain. I walked, of course, clear across town because it was faster than a bus or taxi, and while walking I considered two low cost solutions to the traffic problem…

1. Make UB bike friendly. Build a bike path on Seoul Street and the road from Chinggis Khan Hotel to Tengis Kino, plus other streets, and install a bunch of bike racks. Give people a chance to ride bikes an alternative form of transport.

2. Do what China did during the Olympics - force cars to drive on limited days. If car has a license plate that starts with an even number it can be used Mon, Wed, Fri. If it starts with an odd number it can be used Tues and Thurs. Then switch the following week so that odd number plates can be used on Mon, Wed, Fri. Violators would be fined. By doing this you (in theory) reduce the number of cars on the road by 50%. Yes, some people will find ways to cheat but wouldn’t hurt to try it.

Just my two tugriks. Any one else have any bright ideas?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sukhbaatar Square Street Now Two-Way

The street on the east side of Sukhbaatar Square (between Choibalsan statue and Central Tower) has gone from being one way to two-way street. The intersection at Peace Ave has been widened and now connects with Olympic Street. The picture below is taken next to the Central Tower, with the Foreign Ministry on the other side of the street.