Saturday, August 6, 2011

Little Ring Road

So the Little Ring Road project is done. The street has been resurfaced and enormous curbs installed. Where the road meets Peace Ave, it has been widened a little, allowing for easier left and right turns. But there are lingering questions, namely, what will be done with the “green space” left between the sidewalk and the road? There is a heck of a lot of space there - about 10m in some spots. For now is pretty much waste ground but, we can only assume, the city has plans to beautify these areas with grass, trees, benches etc. Clearly, the city has elected not to bring more parking spaces along this road. When I look at this land, I think bike lane. It would be a perfect opportunity to make a bike lane in the city center.  There is also plenty of room to make small parks, similar to the little park that has been built on Tourist Street (near Luna Blanca restaurant). What would you do with Little Ring Road? Send in your comments.

An example of the large areas of undeveloped land left on the Little Ring Road. This patch is near Bagshiin Del bus stop (near the UB Hotel). The land could be used for small parks or a bike path around the whole Little Ring Road.