Monday, September 26, 2011

School No. 5 Park

My last post described a new park behind Ard Kino, let’s just call it the Ard Kino Park (unless anyone can suggest a better name).

Now there is another new park, this one is located behind School No 5. So we’ll call it School 5 Park. (if you are looking for it, walk along the lane that runs along the south side of School 5, then turn left near the soccer field)

Significantly, this one was funded by the government. There is a big sign nearby stating that it was an initiative of Zorigt, Minister of Minerals and Energy.

The park is not as flashy as the Ard Kino Park but it does feature some pavement for roller skating, walkways, benches and gazebos. Certainly its an improvement over the concrete and rubble that was there before. When I visited last Sunday the local residents were hanging around, enjoying their new park. Now we just need to replicate this park in every courtyard around the city.

Another note, directly behind School No 5 is a new soccer field, with artificial turf. It replaces and older dirt soccer field. It’s a great place to kick a soccer ball around but unfortunately it’s usually closed to the general public. Soccer teams practice here frequently but at other times the gates are locked. The same goes for the new soccer field near the Manduhai Hotel. If anyone knows any soccer fields that are open for general use feel free to comment here.

Some pix of the new park…

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