Sunday, May 27, 2012

More Development at Children’s Park

According to the Yonhap News Agency, Shangri-La is expanding its development in Children’s Park and new construction is planned. Here is the report.

The order in Mongolia involves the construction for Shangri-la of a 34-story Shangri-La hotel and apartment suites building, a 24-story office tower and five-story theater and commercial building. The 34-story building will include 110 hotel rooms which will be in addition to the 285 room Shangri-La hotel already under construction on the site to open in 2013.

Merkuri Market Park

It appears that a new neighborhood park is going to be built near the Merkuri Market. It is being wedged between the Merkuri Market parking lot and apartment building. Some construction has already started. This is another positive development for the city, especially in a part of the city that is crowded and no longer has any playgrounds. Remember that near Merkuri is the site of a former soccer field that was tragically stolen, sold off and developed into an apartment complex. The development of this little park will help the neighborhood. The above photo is a schematic of how the park is meant to look (hopefully it gets built).